Thursday, October 2, 2008

Visiting Riverside...

Today we went to visit Kim & Caleb in Riverside and we had a blast. Caleb is 7 months old now and is a very, very active little man! His mama was just voted the Mom of the Month for Stroller Strides of Riverside and we couldn't be happier for Kim. I've known Kim for five years now and she's one outstanding woman and mother. Congrats Kim!

We should have taken their picture in the middle of the visit and not half-an-hour into Brixie Lee's missed nap time. She looks a bit zombie like, but Caleb was able to put on the charm! What cute kids we have!

Here Caleb was trying to keep Brixie Lee from getting out of the picture . You know it's bad when a 7 month old is trying to get a 21 month old to say in line. Goodness Brixie Lee!

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bennett baby blog said...

We love you guys and always enjoy hanging out together. See you again very soon! xoxo