Friday, April 25, 2008

Fit as a fiddle!

Brixie Lee's pediatrician, Dr. Warren, said that she is "fit as a fiddle" at her 15 month check-up today! She has dropped down to the 60th percentile in height and weight (high 90's during her first year) and is doing really well all around. He asked me if she says 5 or 6 words and was pleased to hear that she has a huge (50-60 word) vocabulary. Mama soooo proud!

Then he said he heard a VERY SLIGHT heart murmur. That brought me back down out of the clouds. He believes it is a very mild murmur and that no action will need to be taken at this time. But, just to be safe, he's running a couple of tests (EKG and X-Ray) and sending those to his preferred specialist (Dr. Loits). We should hear back next week with the test results, but we're all very confident that she'll be just fine.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Make a plan... make God laugh!

I've said it for years! One way to make God laugh is to make a plan. Well, turns out that is still true. Don and I planned our first weekend away... WITHOUT Brixie Lee! Huge step for me, but Grandma made it as smooth as butter. Grandma agreed to come down to Chino Hills to watch Brixie Lee while Don and I went down to La Jolla (our favorite quick get-away place for about 4 years now).

Here was the plan...
  1. Stop in Temecula for lunch, olive oil and ice cream. Done! Check! Perfect!
  2. Check into our favorite hotel and take a nap. God laughs... the hotel is under construction and it was impossible to nap with the constant hammering on the ENTIRE floor below us. I know, I know, I know... we should have said something, but I just wasn't in the mood to argue with anyone.
  3. Walk to a nearby brewery and enjoy a couple of beers and a pizza. God laughs... all 8 beer options were nasty and the pizza crust was made from some kinda cake batter. Not sure what chef thought that was a good idea!
  4. Hunt down a REAL corn dog (not that frozen junk that you get at Hot-Dog on a Stick). I take a look at the menu of one of our favorite bars and they have corn dogs on the menu! Can't believe it! Sooooo excited! We ask the waiter if it's a REAL corn dog and he says, "Yup... best in town!" Sign me up waiter man! Delish!!! Done! Check! Perfect!
  5. Find a bar with music and park our butts for the evening. Turned out that our hotel had just what we were looking for and our bartender was outstanding! Done! Check! Perfect!
  6. Turn in for the night ;) and sleep in as late as we like. God laughs... Don got food poisoning sometime that day and spent the night praying to the porcelain gods. Trust me, this was not from the alcohol! We were both up all night and he finally started to get some sleep around 5am.
  7. Read my book club book on the beach while I sit back in my pop-up recliner chair and sip on raspberry ice tea (Don was going to be taking pictures). God laughs... at Don mostly... I did get to read my book in the hotel room while Don got some good sleep from 5am to 2pm. I asked him if he needed to go home, but he insisted that he was feeling better and that we should stay another night.
  8. Enjoy a 2nd night ;) and sleep in as late as we like. God laughs... the a/c went out in our room. Too tired and frustrated to call the service desk, we decide to open the window. We just couldn't get the temp right. It was too hot, too cold, the down comforter was too much, no down comforter was too little, etc. Another night with no sleep. It was like the first few months of getting up all night, every night when Brixie Lee was a newborn.
  9. Enjoy a cup of coffee down at the cove before we head home. God laughs... after 2 nights of no sleep we were just not in the mood to enjoy the cove and Don's tummy was still not feeling up to his favorite Starbucks triple-shot, non-fat latte, no foam.
  10. Get home and enjoy the afternoon with our baby girl. Done! Check! Perfect!

Even though we enjoyed only 40% of our plan, we enjoyed each other's company 110%. Don is still my best friend and I think he's the best husband/father in the world. Love you honey and I can't wait to try again!

Special thank you, thank you, thank you to Grandma for taking care of Brixie Lee. We never worried about her because we knew she was enjoying her wonderful time with Grandma and the puppies! Love you Grandma!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Carters Rock!!!!

Auntie Diane and Tracey (the Carter's) took care of Brixie Lee tonight while Daddy and I went out on a much needed date. Before we left it already felt more like Daddy and Mommy were getting out of Brixie Lee's way so she could play with Tracey's toys (yes, Tracey is 18 but she has had several boy "friends" that have provided her with numerous toys. Lucky Brixie Lee!).
Here you can see that Tracey was having just as much fun as Brixie Lee.
Oh yes, Tracey is also an expert on the piano (just like her Dad). Do I hear free lessons in Brixie Lee's future???? Hehehe!
Thank you Auntie Diane and Tracey for taking such good care of my girl! You girls rock!!