Thursday, January 11, 2007

Brixie Lee's Birth Story

On January 10th I had a check-up with Dr. Cropper and she confirmed that Brixie Lee was still breech. I was 38 weeks pregnant (due Jan 24th) so she said it was time to schedule the c-section... for tomorrow... at 7pm. All righty then!

The morning of January 11th Don Lee and I cleaned the condo as much as we could (he more than I) as we waited for Grandma and Papaw to come down for lunch. We were all able to sit down and have a wonderful Italian feast from Johnny Carinos (I had chicken alfredo, YUM). From there was took my last pregnancy photo (to be uploaded later) and finished packing up so we could check-in Pomona Valley Medical Hospital Labor & Delivery by 5pm. I must admit that it was great to have such a relaxing day before you were born.

We checked in to the hospital and by 6:30pm I was completely prepped for surgery. Don and my Mom (Grandma from here on out) took turns keeping me company while we waited. You can see it all over my face (photo to be uploaded later). I was soooo excited! Grandma and Don were doing all the worrying for me ;) By 7:30pm they were wheeling me down to the operating room and Don was dressed to impress (photo to be uploaded later).

At 7:50pm Brixie Lee was safely pulled from my belly at 6 lbs 5 ozs and 18.5" long! Don and I waited together to hear her first cry and as soon as she started to scream bloody murder he ran to be by her side. My first look at Brixie Lee was on Don's camera (photo to be uploaded later) and I couldn't believe how much hair she had. She was just beautiful!!!

At about 8:00pm I finally was able to see and touch her beautiful face. The nurses and Don had to leave me to take her to the nursery for additional clean-up and care. Don didn't leave her side for one minute! Such a good Daddy! The Grandmas, Papaw & Papa all got to see Brixie Lee through the glass once they got to the nursery.

Around 9:30pm I was wheeled out of recovery and was able to see my little girl again before we went upstairs to our room for the next three nights. By 10:00pm all the grandparents were gone and Don and I sat there wondering what to do with her. So, we pushed the call button and got some training on how to change a diaper (Daddy's job for the next couple of days). We laughed and laughed because it felt so odd to finally have her with us. We just didn't know what to do or think. Needless to say we didn't sleep one bit because we spent the night looking her over from head to toe. Our baby girl was here!

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!

It looks like Don Lee and I are going to start the New Year off right… Brixie Lee should be here within the next 4 weeks, I’m officially on leave from work for 1-year starting tomorrow, and Don Lee is an extremely busy little bee around the condo with his Daddy Hat on. He’s worked his fingers to the bone for over a week now trying to get the condo ready for his Baby Girl! He even installed 3 fire extinguishers for me! Those that have been to our condo before I’m sure realize that 3 fire extinguishers are a bit much for our 1100 sq-ft condo (with a built in sprinkler system), but what can I say… I was having another one of my panic attacks. He’ll get used to it!

As you can see Brixie Lee and I are still making a lot of progress. Based on some of her kicks, I’m guessing that we’re both looking forward to seeing each other eye-to-eye.

Don Lee and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!
Love You All