Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!

It looks like Don Lee and I are going to start the New Year off right… Brixie Lee should be here within the next 4 weeks, I’m officially on leave from work for 1-year starting tomorrow, and Don Lee is an extremely busy little bee around the condo with his Daddy Hat on. He’s worked his fingers to the bone for over a week now trying to get the condo ready for his Baby Girl! He even installed 3 fire extinguishers for me! Those that have been to our condo before I’m sure realize that 3 fire extinguishers are a bit much for our 1100 sq-ft condo (with a built in sprinkler system), but what can I say… I was having another one of my panic attacks. He’ll get used to it!

As you can see Brixie Lee and I are still making a lot of progress. Based on some of her kicks, I’m guessing that we’re both looking forward to seeing each other eye-to-eye.

Don Lee and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!
Love You All

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