Friday, April 25, 2008

Fit as a fiddle!

Brixie Lee's pediatrician, Dr. Warren, said that she is "fit as a fiddle" at her 15 month check-up today! She has dropped down to the 60th percentile in height and weight (high 90's during her first year) and is doing really well all around. He asked me if she says 5 or 6 words and was pleased to hear that she has a huge (50-60 word) vocabulary. Mama soooo proud!

Then he said he heard a VERY SLIGHT heart murmur. That brought me back down out of the clouds. He believes it is a very mild murmur and that no action will need to be taken at this time. But, just to be safe, he's running a couple of tests (EKG and X-Ray) and sending those to his preferred specialist (Dr. Loits). We should hear back next week with the test results, but we're all very confident that she'll be just fine.


bennett baby blog said...

50-60 words??? she's a genius!! and such a cutie pie, too. i'm sure everything is fine but i'm looking forward to hearing the results. love to all!

Talisman said...

I wouldn't worry too much about a slight heart murmur, at worst she'll need antibiotics when she visits the dentist for the rest of her life. No biggie. =-)

Pam said...

She looked fabulous when I saw her last week. Such a cutie, and definitely an impressive vocabulary. :)