Friday, October 31, 2008

Apple Picking at Riley's Farm

On Saturday October 25th, Brixie Lee and I carpooled with Karen and Jack out to Oak Glenn to do some apple picking at Riley's Farm while Daddy got some much needed studying done. Oak Glenn is about an hour away and the kids did GREAT in the car the entire time. Such good kids we have!

We started off sharing a hot'n'fresh apple turnover that was very, very yummy! From there we got directions to the where we would be picking some apples. We were told, "it's just a 1/4-mile up the road." So, us two 3rd'ish trimester prego mommies pushed our 2 year old'ish kids up, up, up the 1/4-mile hill. More of a workout than either of us had had in a long time!
From there we had to ask for more directions and we were told, "it's just around the corner." After what seemed like another 1/4-mile walk we ended up in the apple orchard. It was perfect! The apples were hanging low enough for the kids to pick them on their own.
Jack is one of Brixie Lee's favorite buddies! He's such a sweet little boy :)

Jack was so funny! He didn't want more than a couple of apples in his bag so Karen ended up carrying the apples back to the strollers. The things we do to make our kids happy!

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