Tuesday, October 21, 2008

24'ish Week Update

The weeks are flying buy now! I had another appointment with Dr. Cropper last week and she said that everything was looking great! That means I still get to have my corn dog when we make our trips to the Irvine Railroad Park, YES!!!! I'm now 24 weeks and 6 days prego.

If you want to compare to the 20'ish Week Update pic you can click here.

The most exciting news from Dr. Cropper was that our c-section has been scheduled with Pomona Valley Hospital for Tuesday, January 27th. Now I just need the hospital to stop fighting with Blue Cross so I don't have to change doctors and hospitals this late in my pregnancy. Dr. Cropper's billing assistant is trying her best to work with the hospital and our insurance, but no one knows what's going to happen. I think I'll cry if Dr. Cropper can't deliver this baby.

I'm much more tired now and starting to have some sleepless nights. I remember having trouble sleeping with Brixie Lee, but I don't remember how long it lasted. Hopefully I'll be back to sleeping through the night soon! Brixie Lee and my Stroller Strides mamas need me full of energy! Heck, I need me full of energy!

Helene Marie (assuming she's a girl) is very, very active now. She wiggles and kicks anytime I sit down. I feel like she's telling me to get up and get moving! So I guess I've already got my two girls telling me what to do. I better get used to it. Bye, bye for now!


Jennifer said...

Glad to hear everything is going well. You look beautiful :).

I hope you get to deliver at Pomona. I have the same problem. I am having to switch doctors. I tried to go to Dr. Cropper thinking she delivered at other hospitals but that was a no go too.

bennett baby blog said...

you look beautiful. BL and baby Helene are very lucky to have such an awesome mama. i love you guys! hope you can get some good sleep very soon.