Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

After our Stroller Strides Halloween party at the park, we came home for a big lunch and a power nap before our plan of going to The Shoppes in Chino Hills for some kid friendly trick-or-treating. I'm sure you can tell from my words "our plan" that things did not go according to "our plan." Brixie Lee fell asleep late and woke up after the fun was already over at The Shoppes.

We ended up having a Mommy's Favorite snack, chips and salsa of course, while we decided if we were going to knock on any of our neighbors doors. Brixie Lee was feeding me chips and Don thought it was cute so he grabbed the camera to get it on video. This is what happened next...

... Don and I both tear up in laughter hours after it happened. Maybe it's just a parent thing??? Hopefully you get a kick out of it too.

From there we did decide to go stroll the condo complex so Brixie Lee could show off her Kimono outfit that Grandma Barbara made for her.

We only knew of one couple that was planning to hand out candy and they turned out to be the only ones in the complex that did. Brixie Lee got to knock on one door! Turned out to be the best door in the complex because we got candy and cupcakes! Thank you Desirae!!! Yummy!!!! Unfortunately, Brixie Lee thanked her by taking her entire basket of candy. I don't mean all the candy... I mean the entire basket. If you're going to go for it, go for it big time baby!

On our way back home Brixie Lee had to stop at her favorite sign (it's our complex directory) to read off the letters. Happy, happy, happy baby girl!

Back at home we enjoyed the fruits of her labor (cupcakes) and downed a big glass of milk each. Cross your fingers that she doesn't wet the bed tonight!

If you want to see all the pictures from Brixie Lee's first real Halloween adventure, you can check it out on Don's Gallery.


Ryan, Lori, & Jack said...

"Drinking Salsa" made me laugh so hard. You gotta love them for making us laugh all the time.

bennett baby blog said...

Brixie Lee, you are my kind of girl! Next time I eat salsa I might try it your way. Yummmmmy!

I love your Haloween costume! You are sooo cute!

Melissa said...

Love her in the kimono and her hair is so cute. As for the drinking do the darnest cute!

Gaby Weasel Torres said...

she would fit in at my house... where every child eats salsa by the time they're one! that was too funny.