Tuesday, November 4, 2008

13 Year Relationship Has Ended...

After 13 years at Cal Poly Pomona as a student and/or staff, I've called it quits. It was not an easy career decision, but it was an easy Mommy decision. I started Cal Poly Pomona in Sept of 1995 as freshman in the Collins School of Hospitality Management and I worked nights/weekends at Longs Drug Store in Upland. In my sophomore year I started working at Cal Poly in the Facilities Management Department as a student assistant because the commute to Upland was just too hard. My student assistant position in Facilities turned into a full-time position just after I graduated in June 2000. I decided to take advantage of the employee fee wavier benefit and started the evening MBA Program while I worked full-time in Facilities. I graduated from the MBA Program in June 2003 and then received Senior Budget Analyst position in the College of Science Dean's Office in October. I started my leave of absence when Brixe Lee was born in January 2007. What a ride!

Thank you to everyone that helped and supported my career at Cal Poly Pomona! I learned so much from so many people there. Thank you all!


Gaby Weasel Torres said...

gonna miss ya, like i told you... we held on to the hope that you'd come back BUT you are making the right choice.

Moments Captured said...

Big congrats!!!!

It is bittersweet! I am bummed that I will not be able to see you more often or give you a quick call in the office to vent about something meaningless.

However, NOTHING can ever take the place of the time that you spend with your girls and Don. The stress of work and time away from your loved ones is not worth any amount of money in the world!!!!

The sacrifices you and Don have made to make it possible for you to be SAHM is evident a hundred times over!!!!!! Being a SAHM is the BEST and most rewarding job or title anyone can hold!

Congrats and lots of love!