Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chino State Park Fires

As many people know we have been experiencing some really bad fires here in Southern California. One of those fires came very, very close to us. Below is one of the latest fire damage images that is on google. We are located to the left of the 71 Fwy circle (just below the fork in the freeway on the right side of the picture).
These are some pictures Don took from our front porch.

At this point we were told to pack-up and be ready to evacuate if need be. We packed until about 2am and then decided to get some rest.

Luckily we have not had to evacuate but there were times last night when 10 or so fire trucks were just down the street setting an offensive back fire to protect our neighborhood. They called it a "controlled burn," but that name still makes me laugh. Controlled burns are managed, but never truly controlled.
Anyway, the winds have stopped and now the smoke is starting to get pretty thick around us. I'm planning to unpack Brixie Lee's and my stuff, so we can head to Bakersfield tomorrow to get out of the smoke. Here we come Goma!!!!


bennett baby blog said...

i'm so glad that you guys are safe. and i'm glad that you'll be going to "goma's" to get out of the smokey air. {{hugs}}

Gaby Weasel Torres said...

I was right up by your house on Saturday night that stuff was crazy! got worried about you guys. those fire fighters were rock stars we saw them running up and down the hill next to the flames stopping them from coming up the hill towards the houses. glad you guys are ok.