Monday, December 22, 2008

WARM... in Barstow!!!

Grandma and Papa took Brixie Lee and Don Lee up to Barstow last weekend to check out the trains. They were so kind to let me stay home and relax. It's hard missing one of Brixie Lee's "first" experiences, but she needed time with Grandma, Papa & Daddy and I needed time to relax. We all benefited!

Their first stop was Pearblossom Hwy off the 15 near Cajon. I understand it was extremely cold! As you can see below, Brixie Lee was having a total blast!

This was Daddy's first weekend off from school and as you can see Brixie Lee and Daddy were both thrilled to be spending the day together. My little girl loves her Daddy so much! Makes Mommy soooo happy!

Brixie Lee is so lucky to have such awesome Grandparents that take her to all these great places. Thank you Grandma and Papa!

In Barstow, they went to the Western America Railroad Museum (WARM). From what I understand Brixie Lee had a ton of fun. If you or your kids are into trains, I highly recommend you check this place out next time you're up for a drive! There are many more pictures on Don's Gallery, so check that out if you have time. I just can't upload all the pictures on this blog!

From here they went to the classification yard, but we don't have any pictures of that. From what I understand it's another must-see so if you're interested I can get specific information for you!

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