Saturday, December 20, 2008

Aunt Donna's Wedding!!!

On December 6th we went to Aunt Donna's wedding to Richard John (now Uncle Richard)! It was at a beautiful little church in Bakersfield and everything was perfect. Before the wedding Brixie Lee was able to have lots and lots of fun with her 2nd cousin Patty. Brixie Lee absolutely loves playing with her! Thanks for being such a great babysitter Patty!

Once the wedding started Brixie Lee decided to turn on her non-stop chatter. We tried to get her to stop talking... that didn't work. We tried to get her to whisper... that didn't work. We then gave up and Daddy took her outside.

As you can see below, she was much, much happier outside anyway! We didn't want to post the pictures until after we sent out our Christmas cards because Don got an awesome shot of Brixie Lee (it's on his Gallery if you want to see it) where she looked so sweet and angelic picking up leaves in the grass. This picture below was a close 2nd, but Daddy just loved the other picture!
Aunt Donna's favorite coler is plum and as you can see we went a bit Plum Crazy with what we were wearing.

It was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful day! Congratulations again Aunt Donna and Uncle Richard!

If you want to see all the pictures you can check out Don's Gallery.

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