Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Grandma & Papa Early Christmas

It's Grandma and Papa's Utah Christmas year, so we celebrated with them a couple days early! Brixie Lee was very excited to be able to open Christmas presents tonight because we had told her that she couldn't open presents until we got to the last link on our Countdown To Christmas Chain. It was like she was able to "break a rule," and we all know how fun that is!!!

Brixie Lee really, really enjoyed this cool railroad crossing toy that makes train sounds and has blinking lights. It was really cute to see her dancing to the train sounds (there is no music: just whistles, horns, ding-dongs, etc.)
Even with all the presents to open, she was still your typical kid and liked playing with the packaging more than the toy itself!

This girl LOVES her Grandma and Papa!
Grandma and Papa's gift this year was a large picture of all 8 grandkids that Don Lee took around the 4th of July. Turned out great! We're going to have to update that picture again soon!

Thank you very, very much Grandma and Papa for all the wonderful and yummy gifts. I know Mommy will be enjoying her Starbucks gift card tomorrow! If you want to see all the pictures from tonight, you can check out Don's Gallery!

Hugs & Kisses!
Don Lee, Brixie & Brixie Lee

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