Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Grannie's birthday is on St. Patrick's Day so each year she gets a green celebration. This year we went all out and got matching outfits! How cute!!!!
We had a really nice visit and Grannie seemed much better than the last time we saw her. She has forgotten Brixie Lee's name, but I'm pretty sure that she knew that she was my daughter. It's hard to see her mind slipping away. I'm so thankful for everyday that she gets to see Brixie Lee grow-up.
We Love You Grannie!!!!

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Moments Captured said...

How precious. Those moments are priceless. It is great that you got pics of the celebration, because Brixie Lee will be able to see the pics as she gets older. :-) Lots of hugs!