Saturday, March 29, 2008

Let's meet at... Anza Borrego!

So last night Don Lee asks me if I want to go see the wild flowers in Anza Borrego with his family. I ask, "Where is Anza Borrego honey?" He says, "Just east of Temecula!" I say, "Great! Lets go!" The next morning I find out that "just east" actually means a hour east of Temecula. Not quite as excited as I was before, but still happy to spend the day with the family! Little did I know when we strapped Brixie Lee into her car seat (pic below), she would end up spending 6 hours in the car and 10 minutes touring the wild flowers!

We had planned to go before Don's family so we could have some lunch and get situated (stroller, sun block, diapers, etc.) We ended up getting there about 2-1/2 hours before them because they got stuck in traffic on the way out! Below is Brixie Lee talking to Grandma (or so BL thinks) about our adventure.

In all honesty, it was one of the best 2-1/2 hours I've had in a LONG time. We sat in this little park, under a beautiful shade treed, had lunch and relaxed the entire time! Don Lee even took care of Brixie Lee for about an hour straight and I just laid there. I know that was something most of my family would not find enjoyable, but I loved every single minute of it! Even Brixie Lee joined my relaxing effort and it just made my day.

Daddy was able to some super cute pictures of our lazy wait. I think all three of us needed this time together. Brixie Lee was her usually social self and went around greeting all the people in the park. She even found Mommy a stinky little flower ;) Thank you sweet girl! We picked up some ice cream on our way to meet-up with the rest of the family and I bought some yummy fudge too! By the time we met the rest of the family it was just half an hour till I needed to get back home for a book club meeting. We ended up hitting road after one 10 minute tour of the flowers near the visitor center. Didn't bother me one bit after my relaxing afternoon and ice cream! It was a great day!

If you would like to see all the pictures from our Anza Borrego trip, you can check them out on Don's gallery.


Pam said...

You always get the best pictures. Brixie Lee is absolutely adorable!

Brixie said...

Don Lee is my photographer so I'll make sure he sees your post! He takes it very seriously.

bennett baby blog said...

so cute! love the pics!