Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!!!

We spent the day down in Mission Viejo with Auntie Steff, Lissie 3, Dony 5, Uncle Darren and Davy 7. In the picture below, Davy and Dony are holding up their hands because Uncle Don just asked them "Who's going fishing with me next weekend?" This fishing trip is Davy's Birthday gift, so Don is picking him up at 6am next Sunday morning and the rest of the family is coming down later. Have fun Davy!It's so funny to see Brixie Lee's eyes when she's around her cousins. She's like, "WOW! Their crazy fast!" Below is a picture of her watching them after they were released into the backyard for the first egg hunt. After 10 minutes and lots of help from Grandma and Papa, Brixie Lee found two eggs and she wouldn't give them up for anything. We tried to get her to put them in the basket, but once she got them in the basket she wouldn't let them go. She finally got the hang of it about an hour later! Silly girl!
Below you can see her hunting an egg for the first time. This was her little flower bed and Papa make sure she had plenty of eggs to find. Thanks Papa!
Finally, we got an awesome family picture! I can't wait for Don to get it printed so we can put it up on the wall at home. Auntie Steff took the picture and she did a wonderful job. Thank you sooooo much Auntie Steff.
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


bennett baby blog said...

what a great picture! and brixie lee looks BEAUTIFUL in her easter dress! glad you had a great day. happy easter!

Gaby said...

see i knew it, you dressed her up AND took pictures! i LOVE LOVE LOVE her hair, she looks adorable in her little easter get-up!

Pam said...

Brixie Lee's dress is sooo cute. She looks adorable!