Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cal Poly Pomona Farm

Today Grandma came down to Chino Hills to help celebrate my 30th Birthday (the rain last weekend made us push back the celebration for a week). Check out Brixie Lee's new hat and backpack from Grandma!

We started the celebration at the Cal Poly Pomona duck pond. I realized while we were there that I first saw this duck pond in Sept-1995 as a freshman in college. That was over 12 YEARS ago! WOW... that seems like such a long time ago. OK... back on track... Brixie Lee was able to feed the fish and the ducks. She even got to pet a turtle, which I later found out is a no no. Oh well.

If Daddy were there he would have been itching to get a fishing poll in Brixie Lee's hands. I'm tell you, these fish were HUGE!

From there we went over to see some mama and baby cows. One mama cow let out an enormous MOOOOOO just two feet from Brixie Lee. It didn't scare her, but her eyes were WIDE open. Then we walked over to the horses. Guess what! They like celery. Well, the girl horse did (probably watching her figure) and the boy horse just dropped it over and over again (probably wanting a hot dog). I forgot to take any pictures, sorry!

Then we finished the farm day down by the pigs! The pig visit was very, very short because... well... the just were too stinky. What pigs!
We were even able to get really, really close to a baby goat because he had escaped from his pin. We think he was going to stuff himself silly with that big bail of hay. I put him back in his pin when we left. He was so cute!
We finished the farm visit and had to celebrate some more at IKEA! We had a great lunch and shopped till Brixie Lee dropped. She was so tired that I just had to buy her a huge stuffed dog to lay her little head one. Again, sorry, no pictures of that.
Thank you for such a wonderful 30th Birthday Celebration Grandma and Baby Girl! I love you both soooooooo much!


Moments Captured said...

How stinkin' cute!!!!!!!!! Love the pics and the story. It looks like Brixie Lee had a blast!

bennett baby blog said...

i love your new blog! so glad you have decided to start one so we can all share in your family's happenings. looks like you guys had a great time at the farm. i love BL's pigtails! she is too cute.