Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chino Hills Easter Egg-Citement!

Brixie Lee and I went to the Chino Hills Easter Egg-Citement event today and we had a pretty good time. The positive thing is that Brixie Lee looked soooo cute in the Easter dress her Grandma got her. See the matching hair band too! So cute Grandma!
The bummer part was the 85 degree weather that felt like 100 degree weather on that artificial grass. We were sweating like crazy as we waited and waited for the 0-2 year old egg hunt. There were so many people there that I had to stampede inside the gate with Brixie Lee on my hip, grab two eggs for her and push my way out so we could breath.
Once we were out of all the craziness, we had a really good time. Brixie Lee ran all over the place while I chased her trying to take pictures. My personal photographer, Daddy, had already made plans with Papaw to go fishing today while he's on spring break. Next year I'll be sure to plan it better so that Daddy is with me to fight the good fight. In the end the only thing that mattered was that Brixie Lee had a great time shaking her eggs.
I stripped her down, tossed her in the car with some juice and we drove home with the AC on high. As you can see, her favorite place is just like mine... at the dinner table. We enjoyed a good lunch with some oranges for dessert and now she's enjoying her afternoon nap. We're both as happy as could be.
Love you Brixie Lee!

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bennett baby blog said...

happy easter, baby girl! you look so cute in your easter dress! glad you had fun with your eggs. :) oh, and i have to agree with you and your mommy about the dinner table! it's the best. :)