Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Weekend With Grandma...

Brixie Lee spent the last weekend up in Bakersfield with Grandma so that Papa Don, Don Lee, and I could get some things done around the house. Don Lee and I managed to fit in some fun too... dinner The Yard House, shopping at Trader Joes, breakfast at Tropical Smoothie, a tea time baby shower, dinner and dessert with Tracy and Charles, and a couple hours dedicated to UFC 88 Breakthru (poor Liddel). However, we did manage to get the showers fixed, turn the bed (harder than it sounds), organize Brixie Lee's closet (much harder than it sounds), a bunch of stuff (ahhhh, space), discover we need a plumber for the sink, fix the garage door, and get several loads of laundry done! YAY!!! A very successful weekend! Thank you Grandma!

Now here are some words from Grandma about her weekend with Brixie Lee...

Boy, what an exciting Grandparent weekend! On Friday I picked Brixie Lee up in Valencia for a weekend of excitement, adventure and edification. We were going to play!

First we recovered from our drive by eating, playing with the dogs, Snickers and Patsy, and watching cartoons. Did you know there are 24 hour cartoons on several channels? Hmmm? I did not see Popeye or Yosemite Sam though. On Saturday, we unfolded the stroller, harnessed and leashed the dogs and went for a walk. The walk took 45 minutes and the getting ready took 45 minutes. Hmmm? It was cute to watch a 10 pound and 15 pound dog pull a heavy stroller up hill like a pair of Huskies. Brixie held the leashes and I kept expecting her to yell MUSH! MUSH! Next we went to Shafter to see her Great Grandma Helen and drive through Sonic for a little milk shake. Then home to swim in our custom pool with Patsy.
Sunday, after walking the dogs, we went to Starbucks, shopping, Carrow’s, shopping and more dog walking. She wanted to know where Papa was so I told her he was fishing in his boat. That brought on many repeats of “Papa-fishing-boat, row-row-row, merrily-merrily-merrily” Papa came home late Sunday, so on Monday she was able to sit in the boat. She told Papa that it was, “My boat Papa” When we finally met Mommy at lunchtime, she was ready to go home but I think she will be back.

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