Tuesday, September 23, 2008

20'ish Week Update

OK... I was supposed to take pictures last Wednesday but life was just too busy the day before we left for Yellowstone. My appointment with Dr. Cropper was delayed by over an hour because she was delivering a baby, thus behind on her appointments. So we didn't have time to get the 20 week pic when we got home. The good news is that all the ultrasound reports from a couple of weeks ago came back great and everything is right on track. As promised, belly pictures...

... the picture above in my green shirt is this pregnancy at 20 weeks and 6 days.

The picture below in my white shirt is my pregnancy with Brixie Lee at 20 weeks.

I look a bit older now, but I've heard that children do that to you faster than time. It's a bit shocking to me how much bigger my belly is this time at 20'ish weeks. I've heard that it's very normal and expected, but still it's odd.


Moments Captured said...

You may be older but you are still stunning and have a beautiful family to go with your laugh lines that is if you have any!

Love the pic! Thanks for the comparison!!!!!

bennett baby blog said...

you look beautiful!! LOVE that baby bump!!!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Boy you've popped out since I've last seen you. That good though that means the baby is nice and healthy. Glad to hear everything is right on track.