Monday, September 15, 2008

Should Have Known When...

...I woke-up at 5:45am and realized that I forgot to set the alarm for Don to get up at 5:20am. Not Good #1

Don starts his truck, it sounds like a Harley, he has to take my car to work. Not Good #2

Made a phone call, got my Stroller Strides class covered (Thanks Kristina!). Awesome #1

AAA said they would be there in half-an-hour. Awesome #2

AAA driver told me that someone stole our muffler and catalytic converter. Not Good #3

AAA driver upset because it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to install Brixie Lee's car seat in his truck. Not Good #4

Toyota was 1/4-mile within our towing coverage through AAA. Awesome #3

Toyota told me that it was most likely going to be a couple of days for them to get the parts and make the repairs. Not Good #5

Toyota shuttle service was immediately ready to take Brixie Lee and I home. No waiting!!! Awesome #4

Other guy in shuttle was first to be dropped off, but it was 15 miles in the opposite direction... in 9am LA traffic. Took an hour to get the 6-3/4 miles home from Toyota. To make it worse, Brixie Lee kept saying "whoa" every time the drive hit the brake hard. Not Good #6

Get home, get upstairs, realize that I forgot the house key on the truck key chain. Not Good #7

Don had to drive home from work in Irvine to let us in the house. Not Good #8

Allstate message said they were experiencing extremely heavy volume due to the severe weather (AKA... Ike). Projected hold time 1-1/2 hours. Not Good #9

Toyota dealer called to say that repairs would cost $1700 +tax and recommended waiting for Allstate clearance to begin repairs. Meaning no car for Mommy until after Yellowstone. Not Good #10

Don got home and said he had a headache and couldn't take Brixie Lee to her first day back at Kindermusik. Not Good #11

Bottom Line: Not Good vs Awesome (11 to 4)

Time for bed! But I'm going to set the alarm first :-)


Moments Captured said...

That freakin' SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a relaxing vacation!

Lots of hugs!

Jennifer said...

Wow that was a really bad day. Sorry to hear that. At least you have a sense of humor about it. Hope the days that follow are much better. Brixie saying whoa cracks me up.

Pam said...

That sucks a lot!