Sunday, July 13, 2008

Drinking & Driving... so much fun!!!!!

OK... today Brixie Lee got her first taste of D&D... not drunk and disorderly... drinking and driving silly! We ended up at Sam's Club 15 minutes before they opened, so we released the beast from the car seat and let her join mommy in the driver's seat.

Now this video needs some explaining... when you give a video camera to a photographer, you're going to need to adjust your head or your computer screen on occasion. You see... Daddy forgets (often) that you can't turn the video camera and record in portrait view. I hope you enjoy the video and that you don't hurt your neck trying to view it.

Our drink of choice was a Starbucks Iced Decaf Sugar Free Soy Vanilla Latte! Did you really think I would give my crazy child caffeine??? That's for Grandmas to do!


Melissa said...

LOVE IT! Brixie looks like a pro "driving" the car. She's looks like such a big girl taking a sip from her iced latte! Too cute!

bennett baby blog said...

she looks like she had so much fun "driving"! glad to see that you got the video to work. love you guys!

Ryan, Lori, & Jack said...

How cute and what a dancer!!!

Pam said...

I like the video so I can see her in real life... well, kind of.

She really seems to be getting into her driving. As always, she is adorable. :)