Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Preggo Update - 16 Weeks

Today I'm 16 weeks along in this pregnancy and things are progressing very well and very fast. I had an appointment with my Doctor today and she said that last round of ultrasounds came back normal (well, as normal as could be expected for a child of Don's... hehehe... love you Honey!).

Back on point, I've packed on quite a bit of weight, but the doc says that I'm still very much in the normal range and that I have nothing to worry about. So, I boxed up all my skinny clothes and said goodbye to them for at least a year. I washed every bit of my old maternity clothes and now I'm into comfort 100% of the time. According to the books, Baby #2 should only be about 4 1/2 inches long now, so I can't really explain why he (we don't know it's a he, but I'll explain more later) requires me to eat a 2nd breakfast, a 2nd lunch, and a 2nd dinner. I know I didn't eat this much when I was pregnant with Brixie Lee so I'm sure that I'm going to start making my scale scream shortly.

Brixie Lee still has no clue what's going on. We tell her about the baby in Mommy's tummy, but she just looks at us like, "you guys are silly... it's just a belly button... see mine!" She has been playing with my old Cabbage Patch baby dolls (the really, really little ones) but she seems afraid of them most of the time. Maybe it's the big plastic heads and the small fabric arms that turn her off. Right now she just puts the baby nite-nites all the time. I guess it's time to start getting some advice on preparing Baby #1 for Baby #2.

Don Lee and I on the other hand keep forgetting that I'm preggo. We are just so busy with our day-to-day lives and Baby #2 just isn't all that noticeable yet. I mean, aside for the loss of energy, lack of sleep and addition of weight. I would show you what I mean, but that would just not be a pretty picture right now. We'll start taking pictures at 20 weeks because right now I still just look fat and tired... because I am fat and tired.

Now for the hot topic. The sex of Baby #2! We just made our appointment today for a Sept 4th ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby. Now, be warned, I'm not going to post the sex of the baby until the evening of Sept 5th because we're having some fun with this in my Stroller Strides class. The mama that comes up with the best after class lunch idea (see everything revolves around food) will be the only mama that I tell the sex of the baby to on Sept 4th. Now, I'll tell my family and a couple close friends, but everyone else will have to hear it from my winning mama. It should be fun! Some of the mama's have been thinking about their lunch date submissions for quite some time. Love my mamas!

So why are we convinced that Baby #2 is a boy... we just don't have a plan for a boy. We have all the clothes and gadgets for a girl. I mean, I have a brown and PINK stroller for goodness sakes. We have a name picked out if it's a girl (Helene Marie... and I don't want to hear anything else about another girl name... Grandma D that means you too!) and we have NO IDEA what to name a boy (aside from a HUGE list of absolutely-not's). We would probably end up calling him Boy. There are a couple of really cool things about a boy. First, we would have a Mathewson boy to carry on the Mathewson name. Second, I would spend so much less time doing hair in the morning. A boy would be buzzed all the time to match Daddy! Love that!

Until next our Sept 5th update... nite-nite!


bennett baby blog said...

i'm so happy that things are going so well for you guys. comfort 100% of the time is a GREAT thing! i can't wait to find out if the new little one is a boy or a girl. sooo excited for you!!

Gaby said...

I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed for a boy, don't get me wrong id be just as happy with a girl. oh also it was a very nice surprise seeing you today at KW!

Pam said...

I'll have to check on September 5th!