Saturday, August 23, 2008

Big Girl Bed!!!!

Last night was Brixie Lee's first night in her new Big Girl Bed! The shipment finally arrived yesterday afternoon and we all worked hard to get the bed put together so she could spend one night in it before we head off to Bakersfield. Looks like she's got a little of her Mommy's handy side huh!

Here she was telling us that the sheep was "up-side-down." Smart girl!
Nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your labor! Ahhhh relax!!!
My Big Girl Pillow, on my Big Girl Bed, with my Big Girl Bunny and my Big Girl Sheets! Such a Big Girl!

She's even started sitting on the toilet like a Big Girl (no child's seat and no help from Mommy). I just can't believe how fast she's turning into our Big Girl.


bennett baby blog said...

slow down little brix! you're growing up too fast! we love you!!

Gaby said...

yay brixie lee has graduated to a big girl bed! does she know the no more monkeys jumping on the bed song? ill be happy to show her :)

Pam said...

Wow, she is growing fast! Her new bed is very cute!