Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Check Your Car Seat!

This weekend we got a new car seat for Brixie Lee and put the old one in Grandma's car (thanks Grandma!). When we were changing the seats we noticed that the adjuster strap (comes up from between the child's legs) on the old car seat was showing a lot of wear. It's hard to see in the picture below but I wanted to show you which strap.
We didn't think it was a huge deal, but it did give me some concern. I just got off a 4 minute phone call with Britax and they said they would ship a new strap and that we should have it in 3 days. WOW! What was the best customer service I've had in YEARS!!! No muss, no fuss, they just needed to verify my address.

We also ordered a new buckle because Brixie Lee had spilled so much junk in the old one that it was starting to stick. So, for $10 we're going to have what feels like a brand new seat for Grandma's car. YAY!!!! If only everything in life was that easy.

Bottom line, check your car seat and be sure your straps are looking good. Replacements and peace of mind are cheap and fast!

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Pam said...

Hmmmm, I'll have to take a look at ours.