Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Helene... 8 Months Old! WOW!

My goodness... I just can't keep up with these girls! Every time I turn around they are older, bigger and doing completely different things. Helene is now 8 months old and extremely busy. She crawls (hands and knees now, no more low crawl) all over the house saying mama, dada, and lots of other baby babble. Her favorite activities are climbing and standing. Usually she's climbing up on something to try to stand on it. Luckily she still needs to hold on to something to stand! That will change fast. For now her nickname it Billy (as in the goat).

Oh yeah, we also found out that this girl has rhythm! When we turn on music she bounces to the music and actually keeps up with the beat. Maybe it comes from the thousands and thousands of songs we listen to for Brixie Lee while driving all over Chino Valley and up to Bakersfield.

Helene's favorite foods include frozen peaches, stars (little puff like treats), yogurt and CHEESE. You can tell a child of ours by the constant cheese ring around their month!

Helene's favorite person in the world is Brixie Lee and the reverse it true too. They both look for each other as soon as they wake up. No one on earth can make Helene smile the way Brixie Lee does. It's the sweetest thing and I hope that doesn't go away. I would love for their bond to be forever.
At nite-nite time Brixie Lee usually comes in to read a story to Helene. Priceless :)
If you would like to see all of Helene's 8 Month pictures you can see them on Don's Gallery.


bennett baby blog said...

I lovvvvve the pic of the three of you in the rocking chair. You're such a good mommy, Brix. Happy 8 months, Helene!

Jennifer said...

What a big girl! I can't believe she is 8 months.That's scary. Watch out the fun really begins now that she is mobile. I hope the twins don't crawl until they're two j/k. And way to go big sister Brixie.