Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Aliso Creek Beach Excursion

Daddy woke up on Sunday morning and said, "Let's go to the Beach!" So we packed up in 15 minutes (record time for us girls) and headed out! Brixie Lee was excited as we drove down to the beach and Helene was trying to take her morning nap. Once we got there, Brixie Lee decided she didn't like the beach. Pictures and books about the beach were much better than the actual beach itself!

I carried her down to the water... Daddy carried her down to the water... but every time we put her down on the shore she would take off back to the sand and play with her toys.
Helene was so exhausted that she slept in the Ergo for about 45 minutes! So glad she loves her Ergo! Best $$$ spent on Helene :)
After an hour of running as fast as she could from the waves, I asked Brixie Lee if she wanted to get the sand out of her bucket and go home. She said, "YES! Let's get water in my bucket!" And those were the magic words...

She was a little shocked when the waves knocked her down to the ground!

But that didn't stop her for getting lots and lots and lots and lots of buckets full of water! She would run up to the beach and dump the water out on her toes!

She didn't even mind when a big wave came by and soaked her up to her chin. Freaked Mommy out, but Daddy was able to get the picture anyway! Thank you Daddy!

We woke Helene up for the last 20 minutes at the beach and she had the same reaction to her first touch of ocean as Brixie Lee did... screaming bloody murder! So said that we laugh so hard at their terror! But we do anyway...

Daddy was able to calm her down and make her happy again. Once again, Daddy saves the day! We love you so much Daddy!

Here's a short video of Brixie Lee and her day at Aliso Creek Beach .

If you would like to see all Don's pictures of our Labor Day weekend at Aliso Creek Beach, check out his gallery!
And if you would like to see the pictures of Brixie Lee's first day at the Beach you can see these pictures on Don's gallery from Labor Day weekend 2007! There are two albums!


Ryan, Lori, & Jack said...

Looks like you had a fun beach day with the fam. I love the video!

The McCuen Family said...

Very the videos of Brixie. And Helene tucked away in her backpack is adorable! I love the beach.

Jennifer said...

How fun...spur of the moment trips are the best. it looks like you guys had a blast. 15 mintutes to pack up and go is very impressive. You'll have to tell me your secret :). I love the Ergo carrier is is the best. So comfortable :).

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