Friday, June 27, 2008

Totally Wiped Out!!!!

We had an awesome day today! One of Brixie Lee's friends, Gavin, had his 3rd Birthday Party at a place here in Chino called Party Kingdom. They have a bunch of HUGE inflateables in these 2 GIANT rooms. Brixie Lee and I ran around for an hour and a half on these inflateables. I'm so sorry that we didn't get any pictures, but Daddy was home studying and it's just too hard for mommy to take care of BL and take pictures. Another time!

Instead, here are some pictures that we took just before we left. This first one is Brixie Lee on her new "rocker" as she calls it. Grandma, may I remind you that we have a 2 bedroom condo and the next time you bring something like this down you're going to have to take something else back with you to Bakersfield (yes, I know we've already filled your guest room with our stuff, but still).
And here you can see that there is nothing better than "relaxing" (as Brixie Lee calls it) with Daddy with a snack and a toy.

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