Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kicked out of swim lessons

OK... today we were kicked out of our pricey private swim lesson class. Today was Brixie Lee's 3rd class and she continued to cry her eyes out again. It was all very sad. I asked the instructor if I could get in the pool with her (before I was hiding), but the instructor said "we don't do that, so I'll give you a refund for the rest of your classes. Thank you. Bye-bye."

I thought... oh, we just got kicked out of swim lessons. Oh well!

Just so you do know, Brixie Lee does just fine in the pool with Don and I. In fact, she loves it! So, we're just going to pick-up a teach your baby to swim book and do it ourselves.


Wendy said...

There are a lot of classes that will let you in the pool with her. It is weird that they wouldn't let you in. What I like about the tots swim class I am in now is that I get to be in the pool with Micah, but then the teacher takes Micah for just a little bit and Micah gets comfortable with someone else in the water. I don't think Micah would have done well if I wasn't in the pool with him.

Pam said...

i'm embarrassed that it took me so long to post a comment. i've been horribly busy.

poor brixie lee. there's always next summer to try lessons again...