Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Silencer...

So, for months I've been having a hard time getting Helene to stop crying during Stroller Strides. Then I discovered The Silencer...

I don't know why it took me to so long to figure it out, but I did and life in the stroller is now happy as long as she has a biscuit. I found out just how attached she is to her biscuit when I gave half of hers to her buddy Dillon. You would think that I had broke her arm in half and gave it to Dillon instead of the biscuit. The screaming that went on and on and on and on with tears and more tears and more tears was very, very sad... and kidda funny :)

I'm sorry baby girl... I will bring extra biscuits for your friends now instead of making you share your beloved biscuit. XOXO Mommy


Jennifer said...

I will have to try those with the twins soon. I hadn't heard of them. Glad to hear she is enjoying her stroller time more :).

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johny said...

I will have to try those with the twins soon. I hadn't heard of them. Glad to hear she is enjoying her stroller time more :).
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