Sunday, November 8, 2009

9 Months Flew By...

Still can't believe that my baby girl is 9 months old now. Well I guess she's actually 9-1/2 months old now because it's taken me so long to post these pictures! Her hair is finally long enough for me to put two very tiny clips in. The clips fall out quite easily, so I don't put them in too often for fear that she'll eat them like everything else she finds. When she's happy she says, "Dada, dada, dada!" And when she's hungry or tired she says, "Mama, mama, mama!" Other than that she babbles a lot and loves to say "oooooooo!" Which is what she's saying in our new header pic at the top of the blog :) She crawls very, very, very fast when she's trying to beat me to the bathroom or out the front door. Her favorite time of the day is bath time, closely followed by playtime at the park. She eats like a horse and yet is still only in the 50th percentile for everything (18 lbs 11oz, 27-1/2" and I say only because Brixie Lee was always in the high 90's). Her favorite food is yogurt, closely followed by cheese toast. She's a beautiful and stubborn baby girl and we all love her very, very, very much!

Brixie Lee is still Helene's favorite person in the world. Understandable because Brixie Lee loves to sing to her, dance for her and feed her. I guess she quickly forgets about all the toys that Brixie Lee takes from her, but that will change very soon. Brixie Lee is starting to understand so much more about her world. She loves to help me with everything and I try to let her do as much as possible. Mommy's little helper. She has swim lessons twice a week and always looks forward to her time with Miss Gabi. We're so proud of how independent she's getting in the water. By next summer she'll be a pro! Her love of music still blows me away. She loves all kinds of music and one of her favorite songs right now is Sentimental Journey. Just about brings a tear to my eye! Hugs and kisses big girl!

Our sweet girls!
Pure happiness!

We love you both with ALL OUR HEARTS! If you want to see all the pictures from this shoot, check out Don's Gallery!


Ryan, Lori, & Jack said...

You have the sweetest little girls!

Moments Captured said...

Your girls are the cutest!!! Your new header is priceless! I LOVE Heline's expression. Too cute!

Jennifer said...

Wow how time flies. It's exciting and sad at the same time when they grow up. I love the new pics. What beautiful and precious girls :).

L Garcia Muro said...

nice blog.


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