Friday, August 28, 2009

Thank You Uncle Darryl!!

Brixie Lee went to Bakersfield with Grandma last Sunday for some crazy B-town style fun. One of the days they went to the shop to visit Uncle Darryl and he gave Brixie Lee $10. She told me all about it when she got home and I asked her what she wanted to buy. At first she said she wanted to buy "lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of bananas!" That means 5... but, I told her that $10 would buy lots and lots... of bananas and she would still have some money leftover for something else. She then said, "I want to buy a train ticket!" Perfect, I had some coupons for the Irvine Park Railroad! So we called up the Carters and decided to head down to the park on Friday... now today... the hottest day of the month!

We were there a few minutes early so Brixie Lee had time for a quick photo-op with Miss Tracey on the wagon wheel bench! Brixie Lee is showing off her $10 and coupon for free ice cream like a proud big girl.

We practiced what she needed to say all morning and she got most of it out when I picked her up at the ticket window. She said, "Train ticket please." Which was pretty good, but we practiced, "I need 1 train ticket, 1 pony ride and 1 free ice cream please." She totally forgot the best part! The free ice cream. Good thing mommy was there to keep her on track! ;) Mommy doesn't miss out on free ice cream!

While we were waiting for the train she saw all the other stuff that she could buy. Lucky for me she was a dollar short for even the cheapest thing! Very good math lesson don't you think! I explained that she could save her $2 that she had left and when she earns or receives more money we can come back and she can buy a toy. Very good saving money lesson don't you think! Look what you started Uncle Darryl! She's getting more than you ever could have realized out of that $10!

Here she is giving her ticket to the conductor so she can get on the train. Lucky for us he was very understanding as we kept giving her each of our tickets to give to him so we could keep trying to get a good picture. Too bad none of them worked! Oh well, we'll blame it on the fact that we had 3 laughing women taking photos instead of our handsome Daddy photographer :)

Here we are! The Mathewson Girls and the Carter Girls! Great group of girls!

Tracey tried to convince Brixie Lee to scoot back into the hole in the tree. As you can see, Brixie Lee was pointing out the fact that there were spider webs in there! Mommy's girl! Love it!

After waiting an hour for the pony rides to open (in the extreme heat, not fun for us, but Brixie Lee didn't care) Brixie Lee and Tracey were able to take Freddy for 3 laps around the track. Poor Tracey had to witness Freddy relieving himself. I thought I was going to have to take over for the poor girl! Love you Tracey... you always make me laugh!

Now for the ICE CREAM! Now that was a much needed treat after all our hot-fun adventures! As Brixie Lee said over and over and over... THANK YOU UNCLE DARRYL!

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