Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brixie Lee's Birthday Pics!!!!

Here are some of our favorite pics from Brixie Lee's Birthday party last weekend. All the pics are on Don's Gallery if you want to check them out!

This is Brixie Lee's BFF Malaya and her Daddy Matt. Matt got a glimpse at his future when Malaya (2-1/2 yrs old) and Brixie Lee's cousin Davy (8 yrs old) became buds at the the party. Below is what happens when Daddy trys to break-up young love :-)

These are all of Brixie Lee's friends. The girl to the right of Brixie Lee is Maddie (daughter to Anne-Marie, my good friend from Cal Poly). Maddie was such an awesome helper at the party. All the kids (and parents) loved her because she was helping them play on all the toys! Thank you Maddie!

This awesome cake creation could not have been accomplished without my good friend Melissa! I used the WordWorld idea and cut out the letters, but frosting the cake was not turning out well. Melissa took pity on my big-O bellied self and saved the day by coming over to frost the cake for me. I LOVED IT!!! She did such a great job! Thank You Melissa!!!!

The cake looked so good to all the kids that they just couldn't wait to try it. Once Jack (to the right of Brixie Lee) joined Brixie Lee all the other kids followed. All the kids did soooo great sharing the cake! Brixie Lee has such great friends! Hugs to you all kiddos!

We did learn one thing... don't try to take a family picture at the end of a 2-1/2 hour party (also 1 hour into nap time). Brixie Lee was not having any of it! She was completely wiped out and suffering from a sugar-high crash.

Thank you to all our wonderful family and friends for making Brixie Lee's Birthday Party such a blast! We loved sharing her special day with all of you! Hugs to all!


Jennifer said...

It was such a fun party. Well at least she just looks tired and wasn't crying or screaming in the picture :). Happy birthday big girl!

Melissa said...

You guys got some great pictures. Thanks again for such a fun party!